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Spotify Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza

Visual design innovator Gladys Orteza turns stock market charts into stunning data landscapes.

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What do you get when you cross stock market charts and a Nike visual innovator? The answer is awe-inspiring images of landscapes pulled from stock market data that provide a sense of visual calmness. When one thinks of the stock market, let alone stock charts, visual beauty isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Now, I’m not an expert on the stock market, but ideally, these data finance charts are typically “beautiful” in the literal sense when stocks are up. However, Gladys Orteza used her graphic design and visual innovation background to flip the script on how the general public can view stock charts.

The Oregon-based designer pulled from her Pacific Northwest environment to create images of sunsets, city-scapes, and open fields using the stock market’s fluctuating data results. Granted, her work does not aim to help interpret stock market charts and trends. Instead, she utilized this data as a medium to create art and explore ways to visualize information in a fun way. What started as a project exercised during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Orteza took to Instagram to showcase her visual interpretations of stock market data for companies like Spotify, Tesla, Exxon Mobil, Disney and many others. With her first Instagram post dating back to July 2020, her unique data visualization approach to these finance reports has opened up a new way to communicate and interpret data.

SPY Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza

Orteza’s design skillset is the perfect example of how data can spark new opportunities by combining a multidisciplinary approach. To help her create these data landscapes, Orteza used the popular Robinhood stock market app to initiate her curiosity and experiment with these artworks. According to Orteza’s website, she shares, Stoxart is an original idea created by me, Gladys. I’ve developed an interest in the Stock Market in early 2020 and since been inspired by the simple line graphs they displayed. As an Artist, I’m always looking for new ways to express my creativity and thought, why not make these charts into art.”

Stay up to date with Orteza’s latest creates on her Instagram.

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HA Stock Art The aviation industry was hit pretty hard by the April crash and it clearly shows how low shares dropped. When all of this is over (hopefully in the near future) the first trip I hope to take is back home to Oahu where I’ll hug my loved ones dear and tight. Definitely looking forward to a view like this again! A short explanation of the one “Rainbow” building. That is Hilton’s Rainbow Tower (hotel). It’s been there for a very long time and is somewhat of a landmark. Any image with the Honolulu skyline would not be complete without it. I strategically colored that one “volume” directly under the peak as a way to say “there’s a light at the end of the rainbow” a positive annotation despite the hard crash before it.🌈 #hawaiianairlines #stockmarket #stockart #stoxart #oahu #airplaneviews #hawaii

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As an Artist, I’m always looking for new ways to express my creativity and thought, why not make these charts into art.”
Disney Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza
Spotify Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza
SPY Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza
Tesla Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza
Disney Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza
Ford Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza
XOM Stoxart. Image © Stoxart/Gladys Orteza
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